Ancient Lights


Hey everyone! I have been talking about Ancient Lights since a long time ago and some of you may know what it is but for those who don’t know here it goes: Ancient Lights is a urban fantasy feature film about a gay girl that after suffering a life of bulling ends up in a coma. She will need to find her way out through a fantasy land to wake up again.

This project is very important to me because we believe this message needs to be send to help people overcome their fears and bullying.

The creator and producer of this project is Sandra Rojas Gonzales, she’s an award winning producer and one of my best friends. Along with a talented group of people, hoping to have a successful career in the film industry, I’m helping her to bring this film to the big screen.

The project is now in pre-production stage and we are aiming to film in Vancouver BC on July. If you want to know more about the project please visit our Official Website. You can follow the making of Ancient Lights through our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

As you all know, making a movie is no cheap business so we need to raise money to rent equipment, locations, supplies etc. So far we have been lucky to have several donors to contribute to the film but we need more support. We have an Indiegogo campaign running to help raise the necessary funds. If you want to donate please go to Indiegogo – Ancient Lights, you can help us with as little as a dollar! We also we have some cool perks :)

Hope you get to know more about Ancient Lights by visiting the different sites we have online.  Every dollar and share counts, help us make it happen! :D

That’s all for today, thanks for reading!


Mobile Games Favorites


March is over people! :(, Why Time Goes Faster as You Get Older??? Anyway. Today’s blog is about games! Just my humble opinion on mobile gaming.

Since I got my iPhone I’ve been looking for games to kill time and I have found very good ones and some others that I just don’t like.

My first favorite was Tiny Tower. The rules of the game are simple. You have to build floors, which are your source of income. There are residents and they are your employers, so you spend time locating the tiny people in their dream jobs.  I spend good times playing Tiny Tower, its a simple but entertaining game :)

After I lost all my Tiny Tower game data for some reason I decided to move on. My next game was (and I still play) Tap Zoo 2. I became fan of it because I really like games where you build worlds, homes, etc. and because I love animals. I started to spend time maintaining the zoo, getting coins for the animals, crossbreeding animals etc. Its excellent for casual gamers. :)

My next selection are Cut the Rope and Angry Birds, I’m putting these two together because they have the same premise, strategy puzzle and they are incredible famous, I mean, who doesn’t like them, ehh?? :) The creators really keep the games interesting by adding different stages, levels and changing the look and feel depending of the season or holidays or even with movies themes. Great games for anyone!

Next I will mention Contract Killer: Zombies, I believe this is the only game that extreme gamers will like in my list. I like zombies a lot and I really enjoy CK Zombies because I can actually aim and shoot my objective. (If I play a shooting game in PS2 or Xbox, its sad, so sad). The game has tons of weapons, scenarios and missions. You can spend hours playing it without notice ;P. Definitely a high quality game.

The next game in the list is  Move The Box. I believe the puzzles in this app are very challenging (at least for me haha) Definitely a game to exercise your brain. They make money by selling hints, which I personally use a lot! :)

An the best for last, The Sims FreePlay and Draw Something  my personal favorites this season. It will sound dumb but The Sims FreePlay is the fist Sims game I have ever played. Its always fun to build your own town and own little virtual people. Make them work, date, marry, have babies etc. its very entertaining. I am thinking to buy the game for my mac because sometimes is annoying and hurtful to play in the little iPhone screen. :P, or I really need an iPad.

The Draw Something game is iPhone Pictionary, how cool is that? I like this game because I can play with my contacts (friends & family)and make fun of their drawing skills, it is also a nice way to kill some time :) But again trying to draw with my fat finger in the little iPhone screen has limited me from doing coherent drawings, bottom line I really need an iPad!.

Well guys this is the end of my Mobile games favorites post. Hope you enjoy it, and tell me which ones are your favorite games! :)

Thank you, see you next time!

Seattle Weekend

Hello Readers!

The last weekend I spend it in Seattle and I want to share my experience with you. I wasn’t planning to go over there, but my best friend needed a friend to talk to so he did the craziest thing he has done in his life. . He, without knowing if he was gonna have permission from his job or the right amount of money, booked a round trip from Mexico to Seattle. I really appreciate what he did, not a lot of people come to visit me so it was amazing.

We decided to save some money and stay at a Hostel [something none of us had done before]. I liked the Hostel experience but sadly I don’t think I’ll do it again, at least not in a 6 bed dorm (I really need my own space to sleep lol).

We arrive at Seattle City Hostel, and let me tell you guys, it has the same quality standard as any other hotel. The washrooms where nice and clean, each floor has an equipped and ready to use kitchen and the greatest thing is that the Hostel supports local artists so all the rooms and halls have paintings on them.

We booked 2 beds in a 6 bed dorm. I thought we where only gonna be 2 persons in the room or 3 but, I was naive and for my surprise the room was packed all 3 nights. It is hard to share a room and more if your sharing it with 5 more persons. At the end I learned to live with it and enjoy it. The great thing is that we met a lot of new people with different backgrounds and different reasons to be there. I always enjoy meeting new people so that part was amazing. :)

In our city adventure we visited must-see attractions like the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Belltown, Downtown, Pioneer Square and Queen Anne among others. I’m sure Guillermo, my best friend, had a great time in Seattle but most important we both had the time to catch up and to do what friend do, which was the main reason of our trip.

I have been in Seattle before, but I think this visit has been the most productive one, I also had the chance to ride the Link Light Rail from downtown to Sea-Tac :)!.

The sad moment was at the airport, when I had to say goodbye to him. I always miss him but no matter where or when we meet again we are always together :).

Hope you enjoy the pics and the words in this post!

See you next time, thanks for reading!.



Websites I visit everyday!

Hello people!

Today’s blog is to share my most visited websites. Everyday I’m looking for news to share at the social media accounts I manage, I’m always searching for useful and creative content to share. First I need to look for news that can be interesting for my target audience for example, in one account, I share everything related to education and I check for articles, videos or images students can find useful or entertaining. I use a lot of college gazettes or online journals and magazines because they have the latest news of what is going on at schools. I also look for local news, very often at online newspapers of our city. Usually I check:,,, and among others. These sites also have useful event pages, which I share to students new to Vancouver. :)

Furthermore, for my personal sharing, I check, Its no news site but for me is the best website to explore the internet according my interests. I always find useful things that I can share with my followers and friends. For social media news I visit Mashable as much as I can. :P

I’m very interested in crafts so I like to follow DIY and crafty blogs at Bloglovin’, I find Bloglovin’ very useful as it functions as a search engine. I also like to check, and (a more girly approach in my day :P). For unique products I love and If I’m looking for a particular product I go to or

For entertainment, music, tutorials and reviews I always go to YouTube, I like to check the latest trailers, music videos, film and book reviews, TV shows promos, etc., and If I need to know how to do something I simply type it in and voila! Definitely YouTube is one of my favorites, I can spend hours there.

And, of course, the sites I check like a bazillion times a day are and, I just can’t get enough. Always useful tweets at my twitter home page :).

As you can see I visit a lot of websites everyday, these are the most popular ones (and the ones I remember for now). I hope you enjoyed this post and please let me know which websites do you visit everyday and why!  :).

Thanks for reading!!

Much more beginning March

Hola, Hello, Bonjour!

I haven’t blog for a long time now, and I know I don’t blog much but that is about to change. This website only represents my professional career, my accomplishments, my projects and well, there hasn’t been a lot of news in that aspect of my life, that is why I want to change a little bit this blog. I want to make it more personal but at the same time useful and interesting. I will keep you up to date in my professional projects, work, life, and I will share new things like pictures, how to’s, DIY, and more of the things I’m interested in. I don’t want to make it a girly vintage looking site (I love those), I just want to expand the coverage of the blog. I want to invest in my own domain, I’m thinking., ( is aready taken) so if I’m gonna do this, I better star blogging more than just every two months.

I will also organize the blog with categories, its not gonna be a messy thing! It will be neat and I will keep it professional. I hope all these new actions will keep anyone following my blog more engage and interested!

Furthermore…one of my projects is growing and getting in shape really fast. Its a Fantasy  feature film where I’m assisting the producer and coordinating all the digital communications activities. The Film is call Ancient Lights, it is about a bullied girl and her journey to self discovery through a fantasy land.

By creating this film we want to approach and support anti bullying organizations and deliver an empowering message to all the people suffering from bullying. Soon I will be sharing the website, twitter and Facebook links where you can follow the production of Ancient Lights!

Ancient Lights Film

Stay tuned for more info about this fascinating project :)

Bye bye, Thanks for reading!

2011 is almost over!

Hello everyone!

As the title says, this year is almost finish and I’m proud to say it was one of the best years in my life so far. I produced a lot of content, I worked with amazing people and made a lot of friends!

I want to give a quick update of my projects!…

Remeber the short film I was producing call Moments? well the rough cut is finish and hopefully around Dec 15 the complete product will be finish and ready to send to Festivals! :)

Tales Of Fairies still in pre-production stages and one of the best updates is that Tracy Smith will be the director of this amazing fantasy feature film!.

Recently I started producing two one-minute videos for VFS 3D students Rikin and Pryianka. These videos are part of their final projects in their program and even though they graduate in 6 months, we needed to shoot the footage early so they can work on the Visual Effects for the rest of the time. 3D elements take a lot of time to create.

Last but not least I’m doing an Internship as Social Media Marketing assistant at Footprint Living Canada. Footprint Living is an organization that broadly supports Students. We endorse an off-campus living standard while supplying familiarity and local knowledge. Check the website to know more about it.

Also I’m going back to Mexico on Dec 15 (just for the Holidays). I haven’t been back since a year and 3 months ago! I’m very happy that I’m going to see my family and friends and I’m going to eat the most delicious food ever! :)

Well that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!

Happy Holidays!!



Hello Everyone!

I haven’t write for a long time but here I’m again!

I graduate from VFS more than a month ago and even though I’m still looking for a job I have been keeping myself busy. Im working with my friend and colleague Sandra Rojas, she’s a very passionate and smart person. We are producing a short film called Moments and I’m working on the marketing side of one of her biggest projects, Tales of Fairies.

Tales of Fairies centers on a bullied girl, that uses her gift to see the fantasy world to help her overcome the problems of growing up. It is a very ambitious project so working as Marketing Manager is amazing. Here is the proof of concept, please check it out and share it with your contacts.

And check out our Facebook page

On the other hand, the trailer of my film Prophet is up! so please check it out!

I’m still working on this baby, sending it to festivals and more. Soon I will post about our luck in the film festival circuit.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates on these amazing projects!